Thursday, August 15, 2013


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Lord, C. (2006). Rules. New York: Scholastic Press.

Other Titles: “Hot Rod Hamster”, “Happy Birthday, Hamster”, “Touch Blue”
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Grade Level: 3.9
Don’t take your pants off, no toys in the fish tank, no yelling and making a scene in public so that people stare.  What if these were the rules that you had to live by?  Or better yet, what if these were the rules that you had to enforce on a sibling?  Well, this is just what Catherine has to do on a daily basis with her little brother.  These rules are not like normal rules, but Catherine’s brother is not like your typical brother either.   You must read this book to see the trials and tribulations that Catherine goes through.  Be sure and read the back flyleaf about the author.  Her reason for writing Rules will make you view this book from a whole different perspective. 

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