Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Happeed to Goodbye?

GOOD hook - thanks to Ashley Hughett.
Dessen, S. (2011). What happened to goodbye. New York: Viking.

How would you like to walk through a new door and become someone completely different...a new name, new appearance, new mannerisms, new everything!

That is what seventeen-year-old Mclean has been doing for the last couple of years. Her dad is a restaurant consultant and they move a lot—four times in the last couple of years—and each time Mclean walks through the door of her new school, she is someone new. And to tell the truth, if you asked her about the real Mclean, she wouldn't be able to tell you who that was anymore.

Taking on a new persona is Mclean's way of not being the daughter of a couple whose divorce was public, brutal, and scandalous. Though she lives with her father, their relationship is not the best, and she can hardly stand to speak to her mom who is now remarried with three-year-old twins.  

At Lakeview, Mclean is finally making some real friends, both a her school and at the restaurant her father is trying to save. She is especially close to the boy next door. She even tells him her real name! So when the time comes for her father to move on, for the first time, Mclean really doesn't want to go. 

Learning that life is often a series of concessions and compromises, the real Mclean now is faced with decisions she's never had to make before. Will Mclean move with her father, back with her mother, or neither? To find out read Sarah Dessen's book What Happened to Goodbye.

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