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Mirror, Mirror

Mollie, thanks for reflecting on this book - it looks like one a future class will enjoy together!
Singer, M., & Singer, M. (2010). Mirror mirror. New York, NY: Dutton Childrens Books.
Genre:  Poetry, Young Adult, Fairytale
Age Level: 8-12

         This poetry book includes various versions of class tales.  The best part…….. the poems are reversible.  I was amazed.  Each poem presents the classic view of the story and the other side represents another perspective of the event. 

MIRROR MIRROR: A Book of Reversible Verse

In Reverse  (excerpt)

it’s true–
the only view?
If you believe that,
this poem
will challenge
something new.
Something new
will challenge
this poem
if you believe that
the only view
It’s true.
Says who?
Mirror Mirror is a poetry book because it contains a collection of stories that show expression of ideas through precise and imaginative words and also contains rhythmical effects.  It is also considered a picture book because it contains amazing illustrations.  The book uses many elements of poetry.  The book includes verses because this text gives us simple thoughts of stories.  The meaning of the poems varies by poem.  However, each poem portrays two sides to the classic tale.  For example, in the Sleeping Beauty poem, one poem is told from the perspective of Sleeping Beauty and another written from the Prince.  This collection of poems also uses rhyme.  This is used often in this text, especially in the poem about Little Red Riding Hood.  It says “picking berries to eat-juicy and sweet-what a treat.  This quote above also gives the reader sense imagery by appealing to our senses, especially the sense of taste- yum! 

I cannot wait to take this book to school because my kiddos are going to love it as much as I did.  I am so excited because we are starting a poetry unit and I know this text will excite them.  My children will be able to relate to this text because they’ve all read the classic versions of these stories.   PLEASE READ THIS COLLECTION OF POEMS.  IT’S GREATJ

Ideas for teaching/comprehension strategies that can be used with this text:   I plan on using this test as an introduction into our study of poetry.   This text is great for introducing the terms associated with poetry (see above).  I would also love to challenge children to write their own reversible poems.  This collection of poems would also be great for teaching children about the types of conflict.  Many types are present in this text.

Questions to pose:
Which poem was your favorite?  Explain.
Which poem did you connect with the most?
Did you like this collection of poems?  Why or why not?

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