Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hate that Cat

Cari Hamlin shares in her reflection how reading this book affects her students. Thank you, Cari!
Creech, S. (2008). Hate that cat. New York: HarperCollins Publishers.

Hate that Cat is written from the point of view of Jack, a boy in Miss Stretchberry's class.  The novel is written in poetry from Jack's point of view. He is writing in his journal.  There are no chapters in this novel, only dates, for entries that Jack has written.

The novel starts off with Jack hating a black mean cat.  He goes through many similes and metaphors that show just how much he hates cats. I hate that cat, like a dog hates a rat.

Jack moves on throughout the year continuing to write entries in his journal.  He talks about how his teacher makes him use alliteration and onomatopoeia in his poetry and how he just doesn't like it very much. He uses examples of alliteration in his poetry to please his teacher, such as: purple pick, polished pencil, and chocolate chalk. Jack also states that onomatopoeia cause him to have frizzling ears, but he uses them to make his teacher happy. pop, buzz, drip, tinkle, trickle.

Throughout the story, Jack is struggling with hating cats in general.  He then gets a surprise for Christmas that year! A kitten! He starts to like the kitten even though he hates that big black fat cat that clawed him.  He has a couple of more battles with the big black fat cat and turns out to have a different perspective of him at the end of the book.

I read this to my students as I was reading it and they loved it! They immediately wanted to go to the library to check it out! (That's what happens when my students like books that I read. They like to go check it out and reread it themselves.) I told them about Creech's other book Love that Dog and they make the connection that it must be about Sky, Jack's dog that he mentions throughout the book.  We are waiting for it to be returned now so we can read it.

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