Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Johnny Tremain

Thanks, Brittney Sanderson.

Hoskins, E. F. (1943). Johnny Tremain. New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing.
Can you imagine yourself working hand in hand with the likes of Sam Adams and Paul Revere to help with the Boston Tea Party? What about sending secret messages between the rebels in Boston and investigating British soldiers? Well this is where young Johnny Tremain has found himself! Johnny Tremain is a prideful young boy who has been taken in as a silversmith apprentice after the tragic passing of his mother. However, after a "not so 'accident' accident" occurs, he is left wounded, broken and his ego badly battered. With his dreams of being a silversmith crushed, Johnny sets off to find new work. Johnny seems to be doomed! But in time, he makes friends with the an older boy named Rab who works at the local newspaper, The Boston Observer. Here with Rab, over time, he gets sworn into the secrecy of the Sons of Liberty, working with them to help plan their rebellion against England and all the redcoats piling into Boston. He uses his smarts, connections, and another boy named Dove, who is working for the British and whom Johnny knows well from his silversmith apprenticeship, to gain information and aid the rebels cause. When spring time rolls around and war is upon them, Johnny faces it head on. Rab sets out for war, but Johnny does not. He says he can't go because of his injury but is it really his injury that is holding him back? Or was the "bold Johnny Tremain really a coward at heart?" (p. 270) What happens as the tension between Tories and Whigs finally comes to a head? What will become of Johnny, Rab, and all of the other Sons of Liberty as the first shots of Revolutionary War are made?

Read the heart-stopping and suspense filled novel,
Johnny Tremain to find out!

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