Monday, May 14, 2012

Owl Moon

Thanks Beth Wooley - for your description of the illustrations and the support you give it from the book.

Owl Moon

Yolen, Jane (1987). Owl moon. New York:  Philomel Books.

A cold, snowy, night, a father takes his daughter on an owling trip.  This young girl has been looking forward to going out with her father for quite some time.  Her brothers have been owling multiple times and it was now her turn and she had so much excitement.  The duo headed out one night when the moon was at it's brightest to find a horned owl.  The little girl was so excited she didn't seem to mind the cold weather whatsoever, she was just glad to be a part of the adventure.  This quality time that she got to spend with her father will never be replaced and will always be cherished.

With every book that I come or across or read, being interested in art, I always notice the type of media used to create illustrations.  In Owl Moon, the illustrator used a mixture of watercolor and ink.  Watercolor was used as a base and pen and ink was used to add a more detail to the landscape and characters.  The cool colors that were selected for this story gave it more of the realistic night image.  The writer created great imagery with this story to the sense that the little girl explains how she did certain things, such as how she had to run after her father every so often to keep up with him.  When she became cold,  it's as if she explains it so well that you could feel it yourself.  The "who-who-whooo-whooo" that her father used to call with was explained to great depth to how owling is done and what all it entails, from the cold weather to being absolutely quiet to having that hope that an owl would return the call.  The heart and hope behind the imagery to tell this story makes my heart melt for this little girl.  When reading this story you could just feel her excitement to be out with her father doing something that he always takes part in.

Owl Moon  is a book that has received the Caldecott Medal and definitely caught my attention because of the snowy night.  I am a person who absolutely loves the snow and everything that comes with it.  I felt this book was fitting to my personality as well.  As I am someone who cherishes every minute that I had with my father, this book makes my heart melt.  It caught my attention because of the father/daughter bond and adventure that they shared.  This particular book, one that I've never read, definitely touched home for me and is a book that I would recommend to any parent or child. These are the moments that everyone should cherish. 

Big Question:  What is a great adventure that your Father takes part in?  Have you been apart of this adventure?  If so, what was your first reaction?  If not, what is something that you would like to do with your Father?

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