Thursday, October 06, 2011

For Boys Only

Aronson, M & Newquist, HP. (2007). For boys only: The biggest, baddest book ever.New York: Feiwel and Friends.

With a title guaranteed to have boys picking it up, this book will also appeal to little girls who don't want the boys to have something they can't also have! This non-fiction information book is well-written in kid-friendly language, using only red, white and black to show-case the different sizes of articles with pull-outs, headings, and lines to separate. I now know how to land a plane in an emergency, make fake blood and to get loose from being tied up, if I ever need those skills. I am also challenged to go read John F. Kennedy's, Profiles in Courage, in order to read more about another person mentioned in this book. Headcase Design has done a wonderful job of layout, giving me ideas for classroom research projects presentations. My favorite part was the introduction, where the authors remind readers to use more than one source, check with experts, and be careful about interpretation of facts. The authors explain how they went about doing the research for this book. They have also written several other acclaimed non-fiction books for children. My brother, who used to read encyclopedias, would love this book. I would recommend because of smaller font size and density of text, from 4th grade up. A good BIG question for this book would be, "How do we know it is real?"

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