Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Years of dust: The story of the Dust Bowl

Marrin, A. (2009). Years of dust: The story of the Dust Bowl. New York: Dutton.

It would be wonderful if children could study social studies using trade books like this one. Professor Marrin gives an in-depth look at the causes and results of the tragic Dust Bowl era in US history. His expertise includes being social studies teacher in junior and senior high, and now is a professor of history at Yeshiva University. The book is unified and markedly illustrates the dismalness of the era by using sepia-toned photographs and paintings with captions of brown font. Appeal for children is ensured as there are many pictures of children, showing the dress, poverty, dust and dirt. This book won the 2008 National Endowment for Humanities Medal.

Curriculum Connection:
A fun thing to do would be to have small groups create a Tweet or a FB page for book characters, such as the one for the Opera Carmen at http://www.seattleoperablog.com/p/carmen-on-facebook.html#.TpSxxAYjj2S.facebook

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